Direct Mail Benefits
• Pinpoint targeting
• Precise accountability
• Great flexibility

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Why Direct Mail Works

Direct Mail lets your advertising message stand out from the crowd.
93% of Canadians usually read their mail the same day it arrives: 66% read it as soon it's received, while another 27% review it later that same day.
- Source: Consumer Attitudes Towards Direct Marketing, 2008, 07-219

Canadians most welcome Direct Mail among other direct marketing ad method.
24% Addressed Direct Mail, 21% Direct Response TV Ads,
7% Unaddressed Direct Mail, 7% The Shopping Channel, 5% Don't know, 4% Email, 3% Banner Ads, 1% Telemarketing, 28% None
- Source: Consumer Attitudes Towards Direct Marketing, 2008, 07-219
  Base: All Canadians (n1204)

Direct Mail is effective. Customers are more likely to read message and respond.
Not only do 79% of Canadians prefer to receive general business correspondence by mail, 67% also prefer to receive advertising by mail (versus email-18%, telephone-1% and other means 8%)
- Source: Value of Mail OmniCan, 2007, 07-27

Direct Mail is a valuable tool for businesses of all sizes and sectors
81% of businesses who already use direct marketing agree that mail is a great way to communicate with existing customers