Applications of Electronic Survey:
• Surveys
• Proxies
• Customer satisfaction reports
• Questionnaires
• Employee evaluations
• Consumer research

  Case Studies:
  Intelligent Scanning, Processing and Reporting

Surveys are one of the primary vehicles for collecting the information your business needs. Surveys can reduce decision making risk and improve customer service, employee relations, and communications. Your business - and your business strategy - is only as good as the information you have.

Our advanced system has been specifically engineered for electronic scanning of survey data and reporting. Regardless of the format or type of survey - we can handle it.

Benefits include:

• Accurate and reliable data (manual entry has a high error rate)
• Data is organized so it can be easily accessed electronically
• Research reporting makes data understandable and usable

Allan Brown, Data Master

An award-winning marketing professional with a wealth of experience across numerous business sectors Allan Brown has spent his career in the analyst's seat turning data into actionable insight to drive activity and better results.

Allan led the retail transformation initiative at Lennox Canada, responsible for marketing and the Customer Relationship Management program. The award winning success of his profitable initiatives can be attributed to a data-driven marketing approach across their dealer network.

Allan also left his data marketing mark at Harlequin Enterprises, Levi Strauss Canada, Union Gas, McCarthy Tetrault and Canada Post.
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