What Our Clients Are Saying
I have worked with Mailennium and Laura Artibello for close to six years. As a financial services company, we have come to rely on Mailennium to coordinate our various mailings that often entail a variety of inserts as well as distribution lists that must be sorted by a number of criteria, it is paramount that any firm we use have a strong focus on accuracy as well as scheduling.
Mailennium has excelled in both areas.

EVP Sales and Marketing,
Large Financial Investment Firm

Case Study: Streamlined Solution

  Large Financial Investment Firm

Business Challenge

• Multiple mailings to customers causing customer dissatisfaction,   increased costs
• Complicated mailings due to multiple variables of data, need to set up   proxies for each product

Business Solution

• Implemented Barcoding system to streamline data capture process,   reduce errors
• Streamlined to one annual mailing. Meaning 50% reduction in costs
• Customer satisfaction rates improved dramatically

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