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Merry Memorial Weekend
Merry Memorial Weekend to our Southside friends, colleagues & associates” Hope the Fireworks are bright and the holiday long weekend is beautiful.
From Laura Artibello and Mailennium Team.
Verizon removes anti-paper (e-billing) green claims from its website
Dear Laura
Over the past three years Two Sides has been writing letters to Verizon encouraging them to change inaccurate and unsubstantiated environmental messaging used to promote electronic services over print and paper. (See our blog on this topic).
So it was great to see that Verizon made major changes to their website recently, removing each of the questionable green claims we had pointed out. We hope this change in messaging will also spread to other channels, especially printed materials, and that Verizon will use the messaging reset to consider the sustainable features of print and paper.
Have a look at these before-and-after shots of the Verizon website.
Same day photoshoot ;)
Earlier this week at the Dixie & Burnhamthorpe Public Library the Dixie Bloor Neighbourhood Centre & HCSC (Healthy City Stewardship Centre) unveiled “UNLOCKING POTENTIAL: EMPOWERING OUR YOUTH THROUGH EMPLOYMENT. A collaborative report between Mayor & City Office, Trillium Health Partners, United Way of Peel, Sheridan Institute, MBOT; many students & other organizations. Laura Artibello, Mailennium is proud to be acknowledged for input. I/We are constant in providing opportunities for youth with job co-op & special project placements. A healthy & vibrant city tapping into the power & passion of jobs. First benefit is pride, second, stepping up and into community contribution. Trigger a new perspective; bounty abounds.
Long Weekend
It’s here! Sun, Warmth, 3 days off! We Canadians live for our long weekends; and we admit it!
Wishing you all a safe & healthy one from Mailennium.
Happy Victoria Day Holiday
Long live the Queen
Sheridan Cyber Security Symposium 2.0
Without fearmongering we must be aware, educated and prepared to “ASSUME BREACH” stated David Peterson, CTO Microsoft Canada. After last year’s venue we took our risk assessment and invested in learning, due diligence and consulting for best IT practices & support. Is it about money? Of course, the way of the world. Validation is important. Effective controls promote lifecycle. Worth the investigation to Assume nothing or risk:Making an Assume I encourage SME colleagues in all industry investigate for the real offer of security & privacy needed in business communication-we’re all connected. Can’t guarantee the world, can place restrictives which enhance Data as an Asset vs. Data Liability
Canada Post
Financial results for Canada Post Corporation 2015. Transition from billions to millions is the indicator, we still have a lot of paper communication for privacy, legal & reasons of Choice. Catalogues & Direct Mail offers remain the highest ROI from advertising dollar’s. An integral part of our advertising & sales media. We read, search, often on-line purchase & wait for that parcel. Those parcels are keeping our Heritage postal service in big business. Legally mandated to deliver every item sent through the Post Office with point of call data for multi-complex units is the design of sustaining best delivery results. From your 1000 phone pictures, pick one to print Personal Stamps. Every time you mail a card you’ve emotionally said, I care. Believe me, they are Priceless........ For more information click here for English and here for French
Laura Artibello
Canadian Consumers for Paper Options
416 722-0817
Deluged by Digital
everything is connected.
This is the way of our world; and yes I shop on-line. Therefore using digital access; we share with you 10 Top Cyber Security Tips learned last week at Sheridan Symposium 2.0 for business practices.
Risk assessment. Not Fearmongering. New lessons learned each year. Our responsibility to pay attention!
MBOT Lunch and Learn
April 25/16 Mississauga Board of Trade - MBOT Lunch & Learn The Honourable Kathleen Wynne; Premier of Ontario. What are the plans? Jobs & Growth. Very detailed plans were shared; questions asked - questions answered. In respect to paper, print & mail industry we had a few minutes to discuss CCPO - Canadian Consumers for Paper Options & Canada Post; recycle & regain manufacturing plans for retrofit. So much available in Mississauga alone where we, as the business community greatly appreciate our advantage to speak with, meet with our Politicians. Energy & Passion are open trait marks of our Premier & our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Invitations to the table, long overdue are now the positive presence. Lightening Force; Endless opportunities!
canada post review
Working industry will speak to the jobs, the effectiveness of input to output delivery channel. I'll ask our clients, vendors, suppliers and colleagues to join this conversation.
Mothers Day Celebration
To all you Mothers, Mamas To Be, Aunts, Grandmas & Ladies in Life who bring so much to families; We wish you a Happy & Fun Mothers Day Weekend.