Document Scanning Benefits
Saves money.
 • Reduces storage, paper and    transportation costs.
Saves time.
 • Allows for quick and easy    access to stored images.
Peace of mind.
 • High quality imaging ensures    that data is legible over time.

  Case Study:

  Intelligent Imaging and Data Conversion

Our intelligent scanning system provides you with a full range of secure scanning solutions including indexing, image storage, and retrieval. Paper documents are hard to share, costly to file, take up a lot of storage space, and are difficult to retrieve. Wouldn't it be great if you could eliminate all that paper and retrieve it with a simple click? Now you can with MI Scan.

Features include:

• Searchable, indexed files
• Customizable keyword tagging
• High speed, high quality imaging and high volume    throughput
• Organize documents to comply with government and    industry regulations
• Our solution is scalable - we can handle big or small

Client Testimonial
   "Mailennium's Scanning services has helped to eliminate the time-consuming process of manually searching through sales order binders and files.
   All of our sales are now online, at my fingertips, and accessed with speed and efficiency.
   By using this service process, Mailennium has developed a clean & accurate database and I cannot imagine returning to the old, and out dated system.
   Thanks to Mailennium, I now have a database that will help grow my business, and that, quite simply, is what it is all about."

Bob Hammond
Dundas Doors & Windows Inc.