Mailennium is:
  • Full-service Direct Mail & Fulfillment
  • Convenient Inventory Storage and Management
  • Customer Demographic Targeting Services
  • Consumer Insights and Analytics
  • Survey Development and Analysis (MI Survey™)
  • Intelligent Scanning Solutions
    (MI Scan™)
  • ISO 9001:2008 quality certified
  • Partners with Canada Post, Ryerson University and Sheridan College

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Masters of Craft in the Art of Direct Mail

Mailennium President Laura Artibello is a master of custom communications solutions that earn loyalty from our customers.
Mailennium is a SME in Mississauga. We do business with many large businesses and small firms. Either/or. My commitment in business is to continually learn and be aware of business. Price - Service - Quality all matter and to-day educated buyers expect educated service bureau's. Please call on us anytime to chat about communication travels....Many ways to move information from one place to another, in volumes. Canada Post Partner supporting The Art of Direct Mail. Survey's for research indexed data; just another form of communication we fulfill.
Mr.Deepak Chopra,President of Canada Post Corporation.He brings wisdom,courage,self-action & faith working with his team to ensure our Heritage Canada Post,is recognized as the Hallmark of Humanly behaviour in the World Wide Web.
Commanding the Attention of Staying Power; Paper, Print & Packaging. The United States Paper & Packaging Board invested in lifting advertisement which not only promoted the support of paper; it gained far reaching media attention. Creating real-life campaigns which demonstrated our emotional, intellectual and productive use of how we communicate in traditional format, print on paper. Books, magazines, newsletters, packaging. (Think Amazon). We share with our audience; CCPO (Canadian Consumers for Paper Options), Canada Post, customers, all mailers & readers to enjoy these moments, to celebrate this admiring team on output. The PP+B Board of Directors for their pride & knowledge of industry. This is where authentic outcome becomes real. The number of views, Likes, shares and positive comments only Neilsen TV research can reveal. Well done!
Allan Brown, master of data analysis, helps customers turn information into profit.
Quality production outcome requires mastery of talent and timing.
Mailennium quality flow follows ISO 9001:2008 registered standards.
We understand mail.

We design it, print it, address and insert it, hand off to Canada Post for effective and economical point of call delivery and we do track it.
April 25/16 Mississauga Board of Trade - MBOT Lunch & Learn The Honourable Kathleen Wynne; Premier of Ontario. What are the plans? Jobs & Growth. Very detailed plans were shared; questions asked - questions answered. In respect to paper, print & mail industry we had a few minutes to discuss CCPO - Canadian Consumers for Paper Options & Canada Post; recycle & regain manufacturing plans for retrofit. So much available in Mississauga alone where we, as the business community greatly appreciate our advantage to speak with, meet with our Politicians. Energy & Passion are open trait marks of our Premier & our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Invitations to the table, long overdue are now the positive presence. Lightening Force; Endless opportunities!
Meet La Toya Hall
Sales Agent, Customer coordinator to Production Area, Quality Control Queen & Avid learner of all things Postal.
La Toya is beautiful, bold & bossy. She fits right in with me J.
She came on board last fall in Data Capture and asked her questions right out of that department. Please feel free to contact anytime; she luves taking calls. Email:
Meet Ksenia (Kate) Stanishich
Our Financial Analyst & Bookkeeper.
Ksenia is also beautiful, bright with flowing natural red hair. She also fits right in with me J.
She will gladly take your money, ask for money and yes, pay the bills too. Learning HR for internal purposes & business processes for P/L. A UTM co-op student we didn’t let go. Email:
Effective custom fulfillment requires ample storage and inventory control.
Our Partner Program relationship with Canada Post pays off for our customers.

Why Direct Mail Works

Direct Mail lets your advertising message stand out from the crowd.
93% of Canadians usually read their mail the same day it arrives.

Canadians most welcome Direct Mail among other direct marketing ad methods.
24% Addressed Direct Mail, 21% Direct Response TV Ads.

Direct Mail is effective.
79% of Canadians prefer to receive general business correspondence by mail.

Direct Mail is a valuable for businesses of all sizes.
81% of businesses agree direct mail is the best way to connect with existing customers.